[ TI-DAY : SURPRISE ~ ] #01

Hey guys~

Today was a great day. Woke up quite early, but fell back asleep as soon as I closed my eyes. I woke up again around 10.30 AM and checked my sns. One of the singers of 'The Griswolds' had favourited my tweet and replied to me, after I tweeted him back , I'm a fangirl, don't judge me. So my day started off pretty good already. (If you haven't heard of them before, I will leave some of their links down below.)
I got ready and waited for my best-friend Nizzo. As soon as she got to my apartment, we went into town. 

Got a free sample of Benefit's Pore fessional at Douglas. I have read and seen some great reviews about it, so I am excited to try it out aswell. 
Nizzo took me to a small florist and told me she wanted to buy a surprise-bouquet for her mom. As soon as we walked out of the shop, she handed the bouquet over to me and said "It's for you. Surprise~".
I was shocked and got tears in my eyes T . T much love sweety muah~ <3

She took me out for lunch aswell~ We had a great talk and walked around alot. I feel spoiled <3 I'm very happy I got to spend time with her again and I'm very thankful for the lovely memories. 

(Another 'The Griswolds' member had favourited my tweets during lunch, so I squeeled and got a bit emotional. I know that, your tweets getting favourited isn't that big of a deal to many people, but as a fan of someone, it's pretty damn cool and important to me aye~)

After I got home, I cleaned up my room. (Is it just me, or does cleaning make me a happy girl? It can really brighten my mood at times, I have no idea why. I'm weird.)
I recently started reading 'In the memorial room' by Janet Frame. The book is about a man named Harry Gill, a successful writer of historical-fiction. (I haven't read that much yet so that's basically all I can say about it for now oops.) 

So here I am, sitting in my room, writing my first blog post. Since my day was pretty good, I decided to write about it. I will try to post updates weekly, so feel free to let me know what you would like me to write about ^^ (I think I'm gonna go back to reading now.) Ciao~

XO Ti Yumi

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 < 'In the memorial room' by Janet Frame

              Bouquet given by my best-friend >

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