Hey guys~

Even though I slept really bad, my day started off alright. Woke up around 9 AM, took a quick shower, got dressed, put on my makeup etc etc. I remembered I had to do the dishes sigh. So I decided I'd just clean up a bit aswell.

Around 11.15 AM, my parents came to Zaandam to pick me up. It was an 45/50 minutes-drive to the Food Festival 'Lepeltje Lepeltje' in Amersfoort. We spent the day with my stepfamily and we had a great time. 

The weather was wonderful today, so the festival was quite crowded. There were different kinds of foodstands; Burgers, lobsters, icecream, pizza, waffles, etc..
I ate pizza (obviously duh), and it was delicious! Me and my stepcousin took a selfie and the pizza-stand guy was on it aswell. When we looked at the photo and zoomed in, we burst into laughter so bad, I started crying. I just had to share the photo on Snapchat

We decided to go to a terrace, so we could drink something all together, before parting our ways again. My little stepbrother had a balloon-dog (it didn't look like a dog, but ah well), and it was one of the discussed topics at the terrace. After the drinks, we all went home. 

I'm currently in the 'dining-space' (it's not a room, so I can't call it a dining-room), listening to Silent Pilot and scrolling through my tumblr & twitter.

In case you don't know Silent Pilot yet, it's a four-member band from San Fransisco, CA. They're a California pop-punk/alternative band which consists of Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Drums/Percussion. I'll leave some links to them down-below, you guys should totally check them out if you're into California pop-punk/alternative bands. 

Also, I have finished my finals last friday, so that means my summer has officially begun.
I will try to spend time with friends and family as much as I can, but I enjoy having alot of alone-time for now aswell. So you could say that my vacation has started off well. I hope you guys will have a wonderful day/night~ I will listen to SP some more and continue watching Supernatural tonight aswell. (I recently started re-watching it since I stopped watching it a long time ago, so I started off with Season 1 again <3 )


XO Ti Yumi

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I was very satisfied >


 < The pizzastand guy
                                                                        (ft. stepcousin on the left and my face)

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