Hey guys~ 

So it's August 1st today and I decided to do a quick Monthly Favourites post.
Last month has been full of new products and throwing away various pieces of clothing, books and beauty-items (,yes, it broke my heart).
I bought alot of new stuff for the summer and decided to share some of them with you guys~

Let's start with clothing :

A vintage leather jacket from Hardbitten and the Others. I personally felt pretty bad about the fact I didn't own a leather jacket that suit me, so when I found this one I was super excited so I wore it right after I walked out of the store. It's really comfy and I wear it almost all the time when I'm just hanging out with friends or when I have to run errands.

This Classic colorblock fedora from FOREVER21 has been my favourite hat so far. It's a bit too small (size S), because the bigger sized ones were too big (sizes M & L). I like to wear this when it's not too windy outside, especially when the sun is shining really bright. I like to wear it with a formal outfit or a casual one.

I thought I had enough when I wanted to leave the F21, untill I saw this skirt and I just kinda ugh ; . ; I've been wearing it alot during July, with either a polo and tie or with a cropped top. High knee socks are also an item I have been wearing alot with this skirt. 

These black VANS have been a piece I've been wearing quite alot lately. I got them from my stepaunt and cousin ^^ I like wearing them with simple black jeans, plain oversized shirts, a necklace and my backpack. Basically one of them items I'll wear often.

Off to beauty-items :

I told you guys I got another BB cream, besides the Sulwhasoo in my post about 6 beauty-items. Well it has been a while since I got it and I actually really like it. I do have to mix it up with my ALL-IN-ONE BB CREAM by The Body Shop (shade 00) so make it a bit even, because the UGB one makes my face a bit pink-ish. So I use it to make it a bit more like my shade. 

The Snowise Whitening BB Base by Sulwhasoo is a BB cream I've talked about in one of my previous posts. It's still one of my favourites, it's whitening and it has SPF50+ and PA+++ in it. I have actually used it almost everyday so I'm quite happy with it yay.

Ah yes, these two have been added to my BABY LIPS collection~ Baby lips Electric has a so-called 'electric' orange shade and Baby lips Dr. Rescue is a soft coral kind of shade, which I love. Dr.  Rescue is a perfect balm for dry and 'torn' lips (lol), because it kind of heals them. 

NYX' Butter Gloss has been a lipgloss I've been wanting for a long time, and this month I finally got the chance to get it~ I've been enjoying it and I love the colour, because as you might already know, I love nude colours. BLG03 is a peachy nude colour, which I like to wear on a daily basis. The creamy base feels soft onto my lips and it doesn't really give a sticky feeling. The colour lasts for quite a while aswell, so you might have to re-do it once or twice, depends on how long you would like to wear it. It dries in a glossy peach shade. 

L'Oréal Paris' Smoky nude palette has been in my previous post aswell. Still use it. Still love it. Still a fave! As you can see, I hit pan on the light pink colour, but I also lost alot of it because the eyeshadow broke and there were pieces of light pinkish eyeshadow in my bag, after my friend sat on it (sigh). I'm probably going to buy a new highlighter soon, so it wont be that big of a problem. I'm actually wearing the dark pink and dark purple shades today. Love smoky eye looks, so I can't really tell much more. 

Maybelline's Rocket Volume mascara has been an all time favourite. It's waterproof, so I like the way it keeps my lashes curled during the day. It does give my lashes alot more volume since they aren't that long. I usually put on about 6-8 layers to make my lashes look longer (,but not in a gross way). 

Can't post about fave make-up products without including my Dolly Wink eyeliner! Still using the last bits of it, since I've had it for almost a year now (, my sister got it for me as a bday gift and souvenir from Japan last summer). Time to order a new one soon, because as you already know, this has been my most favourite eyeliner ever. Works well for both dark bold lines and delicate lines. 

And last but not least, my new SYOSS hairproducts! 

The volume lift hairspray has been working really well, to my own surprise. It lasts long for me and it's easy to comb it out. 

Repair therapy works quite well on my hair, I'm quite picky when it comes to my own shampoo, because my hair gets oily really fast. It's been working well so far, but I'll try out other ones by SYOSS after I finish this bottle.

Full hair 5 Density & volume booster is a conditioner and it smells pretty good and it makes my hair feel super soft after it has dried and it gives my hair alot more volume than my previous conditioners. I'm liking these products so far so I'll look forward to try more SYOSS products, or maybe stay faithful to these.

These were just some products and items I wanted to share with you guys. Don't forget to check out my latest vlog ( VLOG #01 : MAASTRICHT ). 

I'll be off to France tomorrow, so I won't have internet for a week (atleast). I'll do my best to update a bit every once in a while if I come across some wifi hotspots~ 

Have a great week everyone and don't forget to smile! Ciao~

XO Ti Yumi

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