Hey guys!

So school started two days ago. It's actually quite fun. My class is very chill and we get along quite well. I'm the youngest among the students from our course. Most of them are 16/17+. They are kind and we can laugh alot together aswell. I'm really glad I have such a fun class~

Today we had our first classes. We started off with Spanish, which was pretty cool, although I didn't understand a thing. Then we had something in Dutch, it wasn't an actual class because our English teacher was sick, so someone filled in for her. Classes ended at 1PM. Probably the first and last time we got off, that early.

I just saw our timetable for next week (and the couple of weeks after that) and it's the worst I have ever had.
I won't get off before 4PM, on my birthday next monday.
Tuesday: 8.30AM-5.00PM and on Wednesday: 8.30AM-4.00PM again.
This sucks :c sigh

It is currently 3.23PM and I am sitting at the Library of Rotterdam. Just went through my Spanish books and tried to work on one of my projects for DTP class.
I'm really tired and hungry, so I hope to be able to head home soon.

It was a fun day, talked alot with my classmates and got to know more of them. It'll take a while for me to learn all of their names but I know a few so far, so it's all good.

I hope you guys are doing well and I'll keep you updated on here or on the facebook page! (link is down below, along with my other social media accounts).
Eat well and dress warm for the cold weather! Don't forget to smile!!!


XO Ti Yumi

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  1. It's good that your first days went well! ^_^ I totally feel you on the crappy timetables. I'm at school until 16.35 for most days at school TAT