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Hey guys!

So I turned 16 yesterday and last weekend was lovely. 
A bunch of friends came to Rotterdam on saturday, the 5th, to celebrate my (pre-)birthday. We hung out at a tea-bar and ate the birthday cake, my twin made for me. Got a bunch of presents there aswell!

Afterwards we went to eat yamcha for dinner at Blue Elephant (Orient Parel). It was really good, but I felt quite ill after that (, I think I ate too much oops). 
We didn't quite know what to do next, so we went pooling. We spent the rest of the evening there and went home afterwards.

Some people had to leave earlier because of their trains leaving and all, some spent the night at someone else's place and two of my friends, Zini and Chris, spent the night at mine.

We talked alot all night and I had a great time that day. So grateful for my friends coming all the way to Rotterdam, because I hadn't seen quite alot of them for a while.

On sunday, my family and stepfamily came over to celebrate my brothers birthday, my dads birthday and mine (we decided to celebrate it all together, save the money~).
It was fun seeing them again and I ate alot of snacks as usual sigh 

Monday morning, I overslept again. G r e a t  way to start off your first official day of class and your birthday! Nahh it was alright, my little brother and stepmum sang for me and gave me candy. My real birthday gift will be given to me on saturday, because I will be going on a make-up spree on their costs : )

I went to school and it was actually quite fun! First day of class was great and today was my second day. My class is lovely, so it was nice spending so much time with them on my birthday.
After school I went into town real quick with my classmate to buy myself some new jeans, then I went out to eat Phở with Zini. Spent the evening with her and when I got home I just took it nice and easy, rest a bit and went to bed early.

I want to thank everyone for all the kind birthday wishes, and for coming to my birthday. 
Thank you for the lovely gifts!!! I'm enjoying them, I also hope to buy my polaroid camera soon~ Some pictures will be posted down below!

I had a great weekend and I'm very grateful for everything!!! God bless you all <3 

Have a great week everyone and don't forget to smile! Ciao~

XO Ti Yumi

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