Hey guys!

At the beginning of the year I started my first give-away and first of all I want to thank everyone who joined the giveaway! I am very pleased to announce the two winners.

1ST : Agenica A.D.C.
2ND : Olivia L.L.

I will contact you through Facebook and please send me your details within 24-hours, so I can send your giftbags next month. 
If I do not get a response within 24-hours, I will pick new winner(s).

As I already mentioned in my other post, this is what the giftbag will consist of :

- 1 iCutie giftcard (€15)
- 1 NYX Matte lipstick 
- 1 necklace or ring from HBATO
- 1 Tianshi Hime tote bag

Have blessed week everyone and don't forget to smile!

XO Ti Yumi
INSTAGRAM : tianshi.hime
SNAPCHAT : Yumiishikawa576
FACEBOOK : Tianshi-Hime
YOUTUBE : Ti Yumi Pieters

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