Lookbooks or nah? || TI-DAY #13

Hey guys!

So on the 5th of Febuary I started at my internship and after an appointment I had after my internship, I had to rush to Amsterdam for the Imagine Dragons concert at the Ziggo Dome. I filmed most of the concert and tried to vlog, but I ran out of space on my memory card at the end, so I'm busy editing that aswell. Hopefully it will be up somewhere this weekend/next week.

Recently I have been going back to watching alot of lookbooks and other fashion related videos, and I started wondering if I should be doing some aswell. I started putting down some ideas on paper, but I realized I am not that excited about the way I feel and look these days. I want to start exercising more and eat healthier. But my motivation is just hard to find. My (physical)health is very bad, so working out will probably help a bit aswell.

I am currently at my internship, and my day really isn't that interesting, but I just wanted to give you a quick heads-up. After my internship I will be going into town to run some errands and go to my boyfriend's place after getting the stuff I need. 

Another post will be up today or tomorrow, on this simple everyday make-up look. (The camera quality is extremely bad, Sorry for that.)

And let's not forget that Valentine's Day is coming up, and I have no idea what I am going to wear. So I will continue watching lookbooks and torturing myself by crying over those gorgeous pieces which will be in them, and I don't have.

Have blessed weekend everyone and don't forget to smile!

XO Ti Yumi
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  1. The eyeline was soooo on fleek! Had to leave a comment !! ♡

    Lots of Love,

    1. Thank you so much girl!!! Unfortunately I wasn´t able to actually upload the tutorial :( Love your blog <3

      Kisses xx