Hey guys,

2016 has begun and we are currently living in the second month already.
Alot has happened and alot has changed aswell, within the last couple of weeks, both good and bad.

Last month was mostly just studying and chilling. I met my boyfriend his family, who are absolutely lovely, and spent most of my time at his place, Nozomi's and school. You might remember Nozomi, I also talked about her in my recent posts and my vlog (LINK VLOG #3).

I had my testweek last week, and it didn't go as well, compared to our last testweek. I'm still waiting for the grades, but will start at my new internship on Friday! The internship period had started last monday, but I am still at school right nw, because I did not have an internship untill yesterday. Since I still have to take care of the forms and contracts, I won't start untill Friday the 5th.

I expect Friday to be awesome, after my first day at internship I have an appointment first and then I will be going to Amsterdam for the Imagine Dragons concert, with Emily, my best friend whom I have known since we were in kindergarten. I am really excited to see her again, since I don't see her as often as I used to, after I moved to Rotterdam. I seriously can not wait to see ID with her, I'm sure it will be a blast!!!

But it wasn't just sunshine and paradise.

I am losing almost every bit of motivation to study and finish the semester. The amount of projects and deadlines is seriously stressing me out. It is only my first year of this course, and I always look forward to seeing my friends and boyfriend when I go to school, but I am just not used to it all. I came from MAVO, which is extremely different from MBO. For the people who don't know, I am studying MBO 4 Marketing and Communications (two languaged, eng-dutch). On my former schools I had projects, but not as many as I do now. 
I got very sick because of my stress and I hadn't felt that sick in a very long time. Luckily, I had my boyfriend taking great care of me.

Also, in one of my last blog posts, I announced my first give-away. (LINK GA-POST)
Some adjustments have been made, and I will be announcing the winner a week later (22nd of February) and sending the giftbags somewhere at the end of the month. You can enter through Facebook only, now aswell, instead of Instagram and Facebook.
I will be trying to vlog this weekend, including the concert and all. So I hope to put that up next week aswell.
I don't know how much time I will have during my internship, but I always try to keep my social media updated. I'll leave some links down below.
I know I have probably been the worst blogger, not updating in so long. But I'll do my best to post more.
have a blessed week and don't forget to smile everyone!
XO Ti Yumi
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