[ TI-DAY : ANIMECON 2015] #04

Hi guys~ 

So AnimeCon was last weekend. My friends and I went to the convention on Saturday and I had a marvellous time~ I stayed over at my friend's house (the girl who bought me the surprise roses a couple of weeks ago) on Friday, so we travelled together with two other friends to The Hague. I went as a maid~

There were so many amazing cosplayers! I saw a Black Widow & Female Captain America, AIW characters, Agent Jenny and many more, who were AMAZING! I fangirled so hard >< 
It was the very first time I actually had the guts to ask people for selfies and stuff. I can't believe some people actually wanted to take pictures with and of me ; . ;. So sweet~

The dealer room was heavenly as usual. Alot of stuff were for sale and I couldn't decide what to buy. Eventually I bought a Panru (panda-plush), a super-cute mouth mask and a cute present for my friend from France. 

(She came over to The Netherlands for a week and left the day after AC, I miss her so much. It has been an amazing week and I want to thank her for the amazing memories~ I'll come to France as soon as possible!)

I had moodswings (I am so sorry to everyone) and my back problems got worse when we were waiting in line, for the BACK-ON! concert (in the end none of us went besides one of our friends lol). So I got dragged outside etc etc, but after a while I got better and I just hung out in the game-room with the others. Around 10 PM, I got a call from Kevin, saying we were going home so I asked if I could just crash over at their place. I don't remember what time we got home, but I'm still worn out.. I cry everytime 

Thank you guys for the amazing time and I'll be looking forward to next year aye ~ <3

XO Ti Yumi

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^ With my wifey & JIMMY ^

^ With Puppet - BIG BRO
^ Maid & Butler yo
 < With Agent Jenny (Pokémon)

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