[ TI-DAY : WRAP UP - WEEKS 37-38 ] #08

Hey guys! 

So it has been a while again. I didn't really know what to upload, since the video I filmed last week didn't work out. Apperantly I had been filming without my mic on the entire time, so it was a mess. That's why I decided to make a short post about how the past two weeks have been for me. My classes have started and it's surprisingly fun ( probably because of my classmates ). 

So after my birthday, alot of things have happened. On Saturday september 12th, I got my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, which had been on my wish-list for a very long time. I was really excited to use it and although I only took a few photos the past week, I have been really enjoying it. I'll leave some of the photos I took, down below.

Sunday september 13th was a special day, in some way. I went to visit my mother, little sister and my mother's boyfriend after a very long time. I hadn't seen my sister and my mother's boyfriend for about 8/9 months, due to some personal reasons and I had seen my mother only a few times during those months. They live 2 hours away from me (by train), so I had to get up early to be able to spend the day there. I had fun talking to my sister about life and playing games with her. It was great to see her again after so long. Also, I had some good talks with my mom that day, which was nice. After a long day, my father picked me up and we drove back to Rotterdam.

On Monday I had classes, nothing really special happened. On Tuesday we had a day off, because of Princes-Day, so me and my friend decided to spend our day off together and head into The Hague City-Center. It was a fun day and I definitely enjoyed spending some free time, just hanging around town. 
On Thursday I had a job-interview, after school, at an Indonesian Restaurant in Rotterdam, called Papaya Groenendaal. I got the job immediately and I will start next week, which I am super excited about. I hope it'll go well!!!

Today I went into The Hague CC again, with my classmate, because I had to buy a new blouse and skirt for school. I didn't want to go into town by myself, so I asked him to join me HAHAHA I had a great time and I'm very very happy with my new outfit. The picture I took in the dressing room today, will be posted down below aswell. I will post a picture of my completed outfit on Monday/Tuesday, along with a short review/experience post on the event we will be visiting for Event Management Class on Monday.

That was basically the wrap up of the weekend of week 37 and of week 38! 
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Have a wonderful night/Sunday everyone! Don't forget to smile~

XO Ti Yumi

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 < In the dressing room the blouse is see-through and my bra was visible so I didn't want to send that to my class-groupschat HAHAHAHA
< One of the Polaroid pics I took, with my classmate, I look so awkward though omg

^ A picture with my friend, on Tuesday~

 < With my younger sister

 Obsessed with the NYX DOLL POUPÉE 635 my little sister Zomi gave me for my birthday 

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