[ TI-DAY : Uw Pop-Up Restaurant ] #09

Hey guys!!!!

Haven't posted anything in a while, but alot has happened in the past few weeks!
My little sister's father has started a project, called "Uw Pop-Up Restaurant". He's a chef and yesterday was the first day and the opening! 

Nozomi, her uncle, her parents and I worked as a great team;
Her dad, Hiro is our amazing chef!
Nozomi is the chef's assistant and waitress.
Her mom, Yuyun is our beautiful host and waitress, and her uncle, Mario and I were also in charge of serving our lovely guests. 

Our menu :

The food was served looking as delicious as it tasted! We waited all night untill we could enjoy papa Hiros lovely meals hahaha~ 

We were fully booked and it was quite busy for our first day. We got alot of positive feedback and it was such a success! We'll be open once every month now.

To everyone who visited us yesterday, thank you for your support and I hope to see you again! <3

Next month :

Friday, November 20th, 2015.
Reservations for our next pop-up dinner can be emailed to : uwresto@gmail.com

More updates coming soon and for more information you can visit the Restaurants facebook page: 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and more posts will be up soon! Don't forget to smile~

XO Ti Yumi

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